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Single wall glass with Stainless Steel end caps
Non - welded head plate construction
Cartridge heater & water circulation loop for effective temperature control
Capacity range : 3L and 5L, Interchangeable shell with same head plates
Easy to remove - self aligning motor
Motor drive with Tacho feed back for DC Motors
Twin, tri & quad versions are available
Ergonomically designed for easy operation and servicing
Flexibility of various control combinations & custom design
Complete unit with standard utilities
Superior design for optimal heat & mass transfer for high cell density
Dip Sampling facility
Gas mixing units
VESSEL Total Capacity 3 5
Working Maximum (L) 2 3
MCC Glass & Stainless Steel
CONTROLLER   LA1 - Independent Controllers
  LA2 - PLC
TEMPERATURE Range Fermentation : From 50C above coolant temperature to 500C
Sensor Platinum RTD
AGITATION Drive DC Motor - Easily
removable - Top drive
Range 100-1000 rpm
Control DC Drive
Impellers Four / Six blade Rushton turbine impellers. Other impellers optional
Indication Digital Display
AERATION Air Flow Standard Rotameter.
Thermal Mass Flow Meter /
Controller is offered as option
Inlet / Exhaust Filter 0.2 micron autoclavable
PTFE (Disposable)
Condenser Exhaust condenser - Glass to
minimize evaporation
  Gas Mixing Unit Optional
pH Range 0 - 14
  Probe Gel Filled probes
  Control Through peristaltic pumps.
Probe Polorographic
Control Mode Control through air flow or speed or
cascade in LA2 models
ANTIFOAM Control Level Switch and Peristatic Pump
ELECTRICAL DATA Power Basic (KVA) 0.5 0.5
SOFTWARE   OPC server or SCADA package
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